Concentration Measurement Device

Teqwave H offers a reliable sensor with a hygienic design for permanent inline process control in the food & beverage industry

Teqwave H from Endress+Hauser, enables users to reliably analyse and monitor fluids inline in the food and beverage industry. Applications include monitoring sugar content in fruit juices and distilled beverages or the concentration of cleaning agents. The hygienic design of Teqwave H fulfills the highest quality standards while state-of-the-art algorithms and a flexible application concept guarantee optimal process control even for changing batches.


  • Economical – just one sensor for a wide variety of concentrations
  • Hygienic – meets the highest standards thanks to easy-to-clean full-bore design. Can also be used in CIP applications.
  • Reliable – process transparency thanks to constant in-line monitoring of product quality without sampling
  • Clever – state-of-the-art algorithms for excellent measured values, even for complex concentration calculations
  • Maintenance-free – no wear parts, no danger of drifting and no need for recalibration
  • Unique – direct measurement and display of disturbance variables such as particles and gas bubbles

Being able to measure while in the process with Teqwave H offers many advantages. Concentration data sets for the most common beverages and cleaning agents allows using the same sensor with no reprogramming, even if there are batch changes. It is also possible to read in additional parameters, such as the acid content. Teqwave H uses these to calculate concentrations with even greater accuracy thanks to the latest algorithms. Thus, it ensures reliable processes and transparency of product quality in real time.

Concentration Measurement is Crucial for Product Quality

Teqwave H’s many measured variables enable flexible use in various applications. In soft drink and fruit juice production, it assures product quality by reliably determining sugar and invert sugar content. In production of distilled beverages, it ensures consistent alcohol content as well as simultaneously measuring sugar content. It can also monitor different concentrations of cleaning agents when cleaning bottles or entire plants to ensure they are not only effective but also not wasted. Cleaning agents can be dosed precisely and changed easily without recalibration.

Hygienic Design for Highest Quality Standards

Teqwave H is especially developed for hygienic applications in the food and beverage industry. Its outstanding feature, in addition to the stainless-steel measuring tube, is its full-bore design. Thanks to the design without protruding parts, there are no places inside the measuring tube where material can accumulate. Another benefit is that there is no pressure loss, making it possible to save on energy costs.

Plug-and-play Thanks to Preinstalled Data Sets

Teqwave H offers various product-specific data sets for concentration measurement, which users can adapt to their specific product as needed to further increase the accuracy of the measurements. Thus, users with a wide product range need just one measuring device for a great variety of applications. This is helpful when one production line is used to manufacture the entire product range in various batches.

Unique Function for Gas Bubble and Particle Detection

In many processes, dispersion typically occurs in the form of gas bubbles or particles that can interfere with the measuring signals. To support stable process control, Teqwave measures such disturbance variables permanently directly in the process, evaluates their severity and compensates for them to achieve continuous accurate measurement. Users are able to react to error signals immediately. This guarantees maximum reliability and users receive even greater transparency in their processes.

Download the Teqwave innovation brochure at or contact the team at EMC to see how we can help you with all your measurement needs in the Food & Beverage Industry.