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Enhancing Quality and Lowering Costs with Hygienic Instrumentation

Food safety is not only a complex challenge but also an obligation.

The responsibility for food safety lies in the hands of producers. To ensure a safe food supply chain, food producers and their partners must implement safe production processes and equipment that comply with the stringent food regulations and standards. In this way, food safety and public health can be ensured worldwide. The use of state-of-the-art measuring technology in hygienic design assumes a central role in mastering the challenges.

Did you know around 50% of all food recalls are caused by microbiological contamination of food products?

Hygienic design prevents food contamination

Producers within the food industry must be diligent and continuously review the production equipment to eliminate the weakest link that may become a source of contamination. This is particularly important when changing recipes or cleaning detergents/procedures since conditions may change. Incorporating good hygiene practices and equipment that conforms to hygienic design criteria is a smart decision. This will significantly reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Endress+Hauser takes the critical hygiene requirements of the food industry into account during research and development of process instrumentation. They’re also an active member of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group), a global network of equipment manufacturers, food processing companies, research institutes and public health authorities devoted to improving hygiene in the production, processing and packaging of food products.

Pressure instrumentation in dairy production


Improve quality and reduce operational costs and waste with robust and reliable hygienic instrumentation and weighing solutions

To meet the growing demands of safety, quality, traceability, and efficiency within the Food and Beverage industry, EMC offer a complete portfolio of fit-for-purpose hygienic EHEDG and 3A certified instruments and turn-key solutions.

Our service technicians also provide site calibration services – regular calibration is essential to assuring food quality and safety in your critical processes.

As the sole NZ representative for Endress+Hauser, we supply the widest range of sanitary instruments available to ensure strict hygienic conditions are met.

With significant experience in supplying robust solutions to dairies, breweries, soft-drink production plants and more, our process experts will assist you with the best-suited industry-proven products.