Ensuring public safety and supplier compliance

With all the politics and debates around the 3-Waters/Affordable Water Reforms, it’s often easy to forget the fundamental reason for bringing about this change. When it comes to potable water, it’s all about ensuring compliance with the new drinking water standards, so people can be sure that the water coming out of their tap is safe to drink.

Standard or custom EMC manufactured water panels ensure compliance and simplicity; just connect a sample line from your water supply and start measuring. According to the standards, compliance requires measuring pH, conductivity, chlorine and temperature at intervals dictated by the size of the communities supplied.

EMC primarily uses Endress+Hauser Liquid Analysis instrumentation and flow cells due their advantages. However, we can also incorporate other supplier brands that you may prefer or have standardised on.


Why Endress+Hauser?

Continuous measurement combined with Endress+Hauser’s game changing Heartbeat Technology ensures 24/7 compliance. Advanced monitoring and diagnostics immediately notify any issues and can even forecast maintenance requirements, meaning no more unnecessary call outs. Memosens Technology allows anyone to simply and quickly swap out the digital electrodes and sensors, which can then be serviced and recalibrated by a technician under laboratory conditions at a later stage. This also gives you the possibility to regenerate any removed pH electrodes, significantly extending their lifetime.


Take this even further and upload the measuring and diagnostic information to the cloud using Netilion, Endress+Hauser’s award winning IIoT ecosystem. Then optimise your plant, assets, processes and maintenance schedules with the help of EMC Tahi, your all-in-one customised packaged solution.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless (we can even put a complete containerised analyser station together for you) so talk to one of our specialists to see how we can remove risks and help you stay compliant!