With tightening compliance rules and people’s health at stake, it is crucial for water sampling to be accurate and reliable. Whether treating for consumption or discharge, process complexity is rising. When it comes to precision and efficiency, vacuum pump water samplers stand out as the superior choice.

Endress+Hauser’s range of innovative Water Samplers employ a vacuum pump system that not only streamlines the sampling process but also provides more accurate and reliable data.

Precision is essential in water sampling, and vacuum pumps deliver with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability in sample volumes, guaranteeing reliable data. They’re also the highest performing method in demanding applications with large particles, maintaining optimal performance. Vacuum pumps operate in a constant volume sampling mode, ensuring consistency in data collection, and excel in providing fast transport speeds with little impact due to head height.

Downtime and costs are significantly reduced with a lower maintenance requirement than peristaltic pumps, as the need for tubing replacement is gone.

Vacuum pumps can also adapt to a wide range of applications. With vacuum dosing chamber options available in acrylic or glass, and liquid detection capabilities with either conductive or capacitance technology, they can cater to your specific needs.

Vacuum pumps are revolutionising water sampling by offering an all-in-one solution that combines precision, reliability, and adaptability – and you can measure at the same time.


Endress+Hauser’s stationary Liquistation CSF48 and portable Liquiport CSP44 are simplifying reliable sampling, offering a single solution to collect samples and measure water quality at the same time. These robust vacuum pump samplers are designed to match any kind of water or wastewater sampling requirements, and offer a unique advantage of four additional analytical sensors for a complete monitoring station (Online measurement of pH, OPR, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, TOC, SAC and turbidity). Set -up and commissioning is simple


and intuitive with the unique Commissioning Wizard, which allows for up to 17 different bottle configurations.

Maintenance has never been so easy with extended repair intervals and tool-free removal of components. Available with Heartbeat® Technology and optional cloud connectivity, you can trigger samples and run advanced diagnostics and verification all from the comfort of your control room.

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