PLC Control System

Here at EMC Industrial Group, we are experts when it comes to PLC control systems, software, and all related products! We provide fully-programmable, high quality PLC options, all at an affordable price!

We are suppliers of Unitronics; a name synonymous with innovation, quality and value for money. Founded in 1989, Unitronics is a company which is dedicated to creating advanced technological solutions that serve the automation sector.

Benefits of Unitronics PLC Control Systems

There are many ways in which you will benefit from investing in a Unitronics PLC Control system, but some of the stand-out benefits are:

  • Unitronics PLCs range from micro-PLC + HMI units for simple machine control, to complex controllers with advanced functions
  • One integrated solution comprising the PLC + HMI + I/O + Servo + VFD + related components. All programming and troubleshooting can be done at once, in an All-in-One software environment, slashing your development time by 50%
  • All Unitronics software & utilities plus updates are provided at no charge. Just go to the website to download the latest version (
  • Personalised Tech Support & Support Forum membership—provided at no charge.
  • Support for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 (smart factory) technology.
  • Rich Features include Auto-tuned PID, datalogging, Recipes, HMI Trends & Gauges, Alarms, multi-level passwords, multi-language support, Datacom via CANopen, CAN Layer2, MODBUS, EtherNet/IP and more

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