The thermal flowmeter with bidirectional measurement and reverse flow detection

Endress+Hauser has successfully installed over 100,000 t-mass flowmeters worldwide. Whether compressed air, natural gas, protective gas or oxygen: anyone who wants to record gas flows with state-of-the-art measuring technology no longer has to make compromises. The sensor design and unique monitoring functions of Proline t-mass leave nothing to be desired in terms of optimum process control. Even when process conditions fluctuate significantly, gas flows can be measured with unmatched accuracy.


⦁ Robust sensor design for low-maintenance long-term operation – as inline version for pipes DN 15 to 100 and as insertion version for pipes and ducts DN 80 to 1500
⦁ Comprehensive process control: one-of-a-kind monitoring and alarm functions for detecting condensate, flow direction or reverse flow
⦁ Gas Engine: 22 gases to select from and corresponding gas mixtures with up to 8 components
⦁ High level of process control: premium measuring accuracy (±1.0%), repeatability (±0.25%) and turndown (up to 1000:1). For process temperatures up to 180 °C (356 °F) and pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi).
⦁ Maximum safety: SIL-compliant device development according to IEC 61508
⦁ High operational safety: Heartbeat Technology for diagnostics, monitoring and device verification without process interruption

In many industries, thermal flowmeters have long been used for pure gases and gas mixtures – e.g. in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), for measuring flare stack and flue gases, in utilities with air, oxygen, nitrogen or argon, for monitoring consumption of natural gas, or for carbon dioxide in the food and beverage industry. Proline t-mass F/I 300/500 opens up new possibilities for process control, quantity measurement, leak detection, cost allocation and energy management.

Gas Engine – for highest flexibility in the process

The Proline t-mass 300/500 measuring system is equipped as standard with a “Gas Engine.” This software model offers users unbeatable advantages in operation:
⦁ Exact measurement of pure gases and gas mixtures for current operating conditions
⦁ Calculating additional process variables such as flow velocity, reference density, corrected volume and energy flow
⦁ Dynamic correction for changes in pressure, temperature and gas composition
⦁ Changing programmed gases without recalibration

Robust and industry-optimised

t-mass F and I sensors feature maximum robustness, enabling them to withstand pipe vibrations, solid particles in the gas or process fluctuations such as temperature shocks. Thanks to its patented innovative sensor design, t-mass is suitable for low-maintenance long-term operation. All wetted parts are made of corrosion-resistant steel and comply with NACE MR0175/MR0103. For gases that form coating in the pipe, the sensor can be removed for cleaning work – without impairing its performance.


Heartbeat Technology – for maximum operational safety

Heartbeat Technology is another highlight. This testing function is integrated into all Proline measuring devices and enables permanent self-diagnostics with the highest diagnostic coverage (>95%) as well as a metrologically traceable device verification without process interruption. All of this reduces complexity and hazards in a plant and increases its reliability as well as availability.

Transmitters for seamless system integration

Various transmitters are available for the t-mass F and I sensors: Proline 300 (compact version) or Proline 500 (remote version) with up to four inputs and outputs. They allow the simultaneous measurement of mass and energy flow, flow velocity, gas temperature, density and corrected volume flow. Access to all measurement and diagnostic data is possible at any time thanks to digital data transmission via HART or Modbus RS485, as well as via WLAN or the freely combinable inputs and outputs.

This short video explains the operating principle and benefits of the t-mass.

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