Magnetic Flowmeter

Ever wondered why the Endress+Hauser Promag W Electromagnetic Flowmeter is the industrial water flow meter of choice by Watercare, Veolia, numerous Contractors and a rapidly growing number of Local Authorities throughout NZ? Here are just some of the outstanding features:

Heartbeat Self-Verification and Monitoring Technology

Reduce or entirely do away with costly and disruptive ‘wet’ verifications. With Heartbeat Self-verification, test the entire signal chain from sensor to outputs and then create a document for traceable electronic quality reporting, all without disrupting the process. You can even carry out a verification remotely if the meter is equipped with digital comms. (eg. EtherNet/IP, Modbus RS485), and it’s the only one that is third party approved (TUV) to ensure independent integrity. In addition, the Heartbeat diagnostics monitors the device 24/7 and tells you in plain English what the fault is and how to fix it, should one occur.

Full Bore with No Straight Pipe Requirements

Rethink the design of your plant with the 0DN Full Bore version which allows you to install the Promag W directly after bends and obstructions etc. while maintaining 0.5% accuracy. Save costs by reducing the size of chambers and piping requirements, and because it’s full bore there’s no pressure loss. The Promag W is also available in a 0DN reduced bore version, which is ideal for water loss monitoring.

Built-in Webserver

In addition to the optical keypad, you can also configure the device via a built-in webserver by plugging the transmitter into your laptop and then entering the IP address into your browser. The built-in web server is intuitive, easy to navigate, and allows transfer of settings from one device to another, which can reduce commissioning times by 50%.

Direct Burial and IP68 Rated Sensors

Sensor options also include certified corrosion protection classes to Im1, Im2 and Im3 and saline environments to C5-M in accordance with EN/ISO 12944. IP68 rated sensors can either be factory or customer potted. The customer potted version is already factory potted up to the terminals for your increased safety so once wired it’s just a matter of topping it up with the supplied potting compound.

Change the Transmitter with No Loss of Accuracy

Thanks to a sensor data chip (S-DAT), all the sensor data from the factory calibration is transferred to the new transmitter which ensures the meter has the same accuracy specifications as when it left the production centre.

Battery Powered Transmitter for Remote Locations

The Promag W 800 is a long-lasting (up to 15 years) battery-powered magmeter with secure system integration and communication. Commissioning and operation are made easy via Bluetooth and Endress+Hauser’s intuitive SmartBlue app.

Large NZ Stockholding backed by Local Service and Global Support

We stock and large number of complete Promag W flow meters along with spare parts to get you up and running as soon as possible. Endress+Hauser are the world’s number one manufacturer of Magnetic Flowmeters with 3 million sold since 1977. After conducting extensive market and competitive research, Frost and Sullivan presented Endress+Hauser with their ‘Global Market Leadership Award‘ for electromagnetic flowmeters.

If you haven’t already done so, make the switch to Promag W.

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