For reliable volume metering of drinking and process water, especially in regions without power grid
The extraction and transport of water often takes place in remote areas without the possibility of supplying measuring devices with energy or transmitting measuring data via cables. It is precisely for such applications that Endress+Hauser has developed the innovative Promag W 800 flowmeter with battery operation. It allows a maintenance-free long-term operation for up to 15 years and a secure data transfer via cellular radio worldwide.


Versatile – for the measurement of sea water, river water, spring water, ground water, drinking and process water in pipelines with DN 25 to 600
Reliable long-term operation – robust, fully welded sensor. Suitable for permanent installation underground or under water thanks to IP68 (Type 6P) and certified corrosion protection (EN ISO 12944).
Secure data management – worldwide, end-to-end encrypted data transmission via cellular radio. All measured values are stored in the data logger (up to 50 000 entries).
Convenient commissioning – intuitive Bluetooth on-site operation with the SmartBlue app
Consistent accuracy – device verification during operation without process interruption thanks to Heartbeat Technology
Maximum battery lifetime – up to 15 years, thanks to either freely selectable or self-optimizing (energy-saving) adaption of the measuring intervals to the flow dynamics
Thanks to its comprehensive functions and expansion options, Promag W 800 enables the safe monitoring of water flows as well as long-term economical operation: reliable consumption measurements, exact cost allocation for billing, safe monitoring of water networks (quantities, limit values, etc.) as well as targeted leakage detection in distribution systems, e.g. by water balancing between two measuring points or by reading in pressure changes due to water loss.

Secure data transfer and data access worldwide

Promag W 800 is available in different configurations: with or without cellular radio communication as well as with connection options to customer-specific SCADA systems, or to Endress+Hauser’s cloud-based Netilion Water Network Insights solution for monitoring water networks. This allows, for example, flow rate, pressure, totalizer, device/process status, battery charge status or geodata to be retrieved. The end-to-end encrypted data transmission ensures maximum safety.

Permanent installation under water or underground

Flowmeters are often exposed to heat, dust or climatic fluctuations. The installation under water or underground is even more demanding. For this reason, the fully welded Promag W can be ordered with a certified corrosion protection (EN ISO 12944) as well as with IP68 (Type 6P) degree of protection. Both ordering options guarantee long-term operation even in salty environments or in climatic areas with strongly changing humidity and/or temperature.

Heartbeat Technology – for consistent measuring accuracy

In the 24-hour operation of the water business, the removal of flowmeters for mandatory recalibrations is often not realistic. With Heartbeat Technology it is nevertheless possible to carry out a device verification during operation and thus prove compliance with the specified measuring accuracy. The verification protocols are automatically archived, e.g. for later audits. In consultation with the Weights and Measures Service, even legally required calibration intervals can be extended.

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