Wastewater Network Cloud-based Monitoring

Imagine a cloud-based monitoring solution with a tailor-made visualisation of your wastewater network. Well, this technology-driven idea is now a reality! With Netilion Water Network Insights (NWNI), industrial, commercial and municipal wastewater systems can be monitored centrally, making it easier to meet legal requirements around the clock. This consequently contributes to protecting the environment and the assessment of wastewater charges.


The 1st digital water solution with cloud-based instrument verification

From drinking water quality to treated wastewater residual emissions, Endress+Hauser’s customisable and web-based solution, Netilion Water Network Insights, allows for real-time monitoring of your KPIs around the clock – whether in the field or in the control centre. The comprehensive visualisation of all water flows guarantees complete transparency in your water network and helps you to optimise all processes where sensors gather valuable information.

  • Increase efficiency with remote data collection, eliminating manual measurements and on-site sampling. Rely on automated reports that are less prone to errors.
  • Enhance energy efficiency and costs through lower energy consumption thanks to reliable detection of leaks in the water network and by optimising pumping times.
  • Optimise water availability by predicting water consumption thanks to comprehensive trend analyses and forecasts using current weather data (e.g. runoff, water demand, availability, etc.).
  • Assure legal compliance of material loads and reliable billing of costs through permanent monitoring of incoming wastewater volume and quality, allowing you to detect deviations at an early stage.
  • Benefit from cloud-based flowmeter verification with Heartbeat Technology and save time with integrated verification reports that enable remote device verification.

Find out more on: https://eh.digital/NWNI

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