Shedding Flow MeterShedding Flow Meter

Shedding Flow Meter


Vortex Shedding flow meters are often considered as the ideal flow meter for utilities at industrial sites as they can be used for measuring liquids (including non-conductive), gases and steam.

Here at EMC Industrial Group, we have extensive knowledge on all types of flow meters, including vortex shedding flow meters! In this article we’ll tell you a bit more about the benefits and applications that are associated with vortex shedding flow meters.

On What Principle Do Vortex Shedding Flow Meters Work?

What is the measuring principle? Vortex meters work on the principle of the Karman vortex street. When fluid flows past a bluff body, vortices are alternately formed on both sides with opposite directions of rotation. These vortices each generate a local low pressure. The pressure fluctuations are recorded by the sensor and converted to electrical pulses with the frequency of vortex shedding being proportional to the volume flow.

What are Vortex Shedding Flow Meters Used For?

Although Vortex shedding flow meters are used for measuring the flow of liquids and gases they are most commonly used in steam applications as part of an energy monitoring system or at power and energy facilities

What Are Some of The Benefits of Vortex Shedding Flow Meters?

  • Ideal for measuring gases, steam, and liquids
  • Wide operating temperature and pressure range
  • Can be verified on a calibration rig
  • Stable, robust and vibration resistant
  • Long life due to no moving parts

New technology also allows you to detect wet steam and measure steam quality.

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